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Our Services and Packages
We understand that small businesses cannot afford surprises and hidden costs. All of our web packages are priced on a flat-fee basis meaning they all include hosting, domain name and any other costs that are usually associated with designing and developing a website. All our packages also include 6 months of maintenance time for additional enhancements or updates.
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It is hard to provide a concrete web design price for most projects due to the individuality and variety in services that your business may need. We strive to make every project a priority and offer quality support and assistance 24/7.

Tips to remember for your website
Your website should be unique and original.
Your site should be easy to read.
Your web site should be easy to find.
Your site should be quick to download.
Use call to action phrases and words like "buy now" and "call now".

CMS - Content Management Systems
Allows for the Owner or Director of the Website to make changes without very little or no knowledge of web design languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS amongst others. Limitations exist because only editable data can be changed without knowledge meaning text and images but the design layout or dedicated graphics and multimedia require some sort of knowledge. A content management website is a good choice for companies that want instant changes by any allowed staff member and who can afford the extra cost of developing a website with a CMS

Template Integration
If you have a website template and want to insert your material and information, We are able to help you with your web template and make it as professional as we possibly can even with all the limitations that a template posses.

Photo Gallery
We use a variety of tools and with many possibilities for the ones who creatively want to showcase your images or photos and our prices start at only $99.95.

Website Maintenance
After all the thought and ingenuity that goes into creating a website taking care of your website is as important as making one. Your website has to be maintained and kept up to date and with new content. Search engines need to see that your website is not being abandoned to keep it indexed properly, Customers visiting your website also want fresh, new content. We have monthly maintenance packages that can provide you with assistance anytime with our 24/7 live assistance for christmas last day offers or thanksgiving promotions, you can count on us to keep your website up to date with web maintenance packages starting at $19.95


Database creation and Database applications
When planning your website, It is crucial to give you the owner as much versatility and your users/visitors the best experience possible. With database driven websites capabilities, It is becoming possible to achieve many things which were impossible before. In recent years database driven websites have increased in popularity due to larger database websites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube or Flickr. Many businesses benefit from this type of application integration like real estates to modify multiple listings, photographers to allow certain customers to view images or video. Other database applications include message centers or registration capabilities that require registration to use certain features in the website.

E-Commerce Solutions
Ecommerce in fast and easy terms is the selling of goods or services on the internet. Our shopping cart integration allows multiple products to be added into a temporary database until the purchase is complete, it is then processed through a merchant like PayPal or 2Checkout. Certain businesses may prefer us to use specialized software for their ecommerce transactions that can allow them to make changes easily and efficiently, one of the the most popular and preferred software for this is OS-Commerce but it is recommended for businesses with large quantities of products that need to be updated constantly. Our prices for e commerce websites start at 29.95 per month


SEO - Search Engine Optimization
A form of online marketing, search engine optimization is the process in which we make your site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. Our SEO successfully helps you gain a top position in search engines, pair this up with SES (below) and your site can be a on its way to glory SEO service starts at $199.95


SES - Search Engine Submission
We submit your website to popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo to ensure your site gets indexed, this is a crucial step in advertising online and specially when you are using SEO your website can be indexed much faster, higher and by many other search engines, our SES service starts at $99.95


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